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Selected Discography

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Allegra Krieger

Music of Songwriter Allegra Krieger

Musa de Ida y Vuelta

-Album by Nando Michelin- Nando Michelin invites us to explore a new, rich sonic landscape. This recording presents fresh, original compositions which bring together the musical traditions of North and South America, Spain, and Arabic cultures.

El Pajaro Azul – Jacinta Clusellas

-Album by jacinta Clusellas (2015)- Argentine Compesr, guitarist and Jacinta Clusellas is a guitarist, vocalist, composer and arranger from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her music brings together Argentinian Folklore and Jazz, in the context of songs influenced by landscapes, poems and literature from Latin America.

Iceland Soundscape Trio

-Album by Drew Krasner (2014)- The Iceland Soundscape Trio is a collaboration of music, poetry, and visual art.

Juana de America

-Album by Uruguayan Pianist/composer Nando Michelin (2014)- All music composed by Nando Michelin, poems by Juana de Ibarbourou


-Album by Tomoko Ozawa (2014)- ‘Gentian’ frames and accentuates the insightful words of Emily Dickinson with instrumental composition and playful improvisation.


-Album by Asher Kurtz (2012)- The compositions (written by Asher Kurtz, the Guitarist on the album) are all representing some kind of scenario or emotional state, leaving the listener to fill in the details of who, what, when, and where, for him/herself.


-Album by Incus- These compositions were inspired by wisdom and song that came through during all night sacred fire circle ceremonial gatherings, at Forestdance and at others. With deep gratitude to the seen and unseen. In memory of Marcy Paley Cohen

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